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Schneider Electric BMXEHC0800

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Schneider Electric BMXEHC0800

Modulo contatore HS M340 8 canali std

This product is part of the Modicon X80 range, a common platform of modules for Modicon M580 and M340 Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). This high speed counter module has 8 channels, 2 single mode inputs and 3 special dual phase mode inputs. It is a counter module with an input voltage of 24V DC and a current consumption of 200mA at 3.3V DC bus, 80mA at 24V DC sensor. Counter functions are loop (modulo) counting, down counting, count events, 32bit counter counting etc. This product is robust, high quality and based on the latest innovative technology. It is furnished with 20-way connector for electrical connection. It is an IP20 rated product. It weighs 0.113kg. It is suitable for medium to large process applications. It meets EN 61131-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61010-2-201 standards. This input compatible with 19.2V to 30V 2-wire/3-wire proximity sensor, incremental encoder with push-pull outputs, 10V to 30V totem pole. Modicon X80 consists in a compatible modules common platform that reduce maintenance and training costs with same spare parts in stock, and unique training for different Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC).


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