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Moisture meter for food and comfort items FS3

 1.350,00 (IVA esclusa)

Misuratore per caffè grezzo, caffè verde non pelato, caffè macinato, caffè tostato, semi di cacao, papavero, seme di girasole, piselli, soia, ave, frumento, colza, riso con buccia e senza buccia, seme di lino, sesamo, miglio, prodotti addizionali su richiesta.

Accuracy of calibration : +/- 0,4%
Range of measuring 0 – 40% of water content (depending on type of material)
Sample : 300 g
Measuring of temperature of test samples
Interchangeable temperature from °C to °F
Automatic compensation of the temperature
Instant measuring without need for tests
‘Hold’ function, manual memorization of measurements for up to 10.000 values with report
Calibration of special products on request
Management of memory of the suppliers and batch number
LCD indicator on large illuminated screen
Languages available: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian

Weight1,3 kg
Dimensions26 × 7 × 25 cm