Microwave sensor for precise detection of cereal’s humidity

The Humiplus system for the conditioning of cereals is an extremely versatile application which adapts to a screw conveyor that is specific for this type of process or to in-built conveyors in the plant.

It utilizes a digital technique with all the sensors applied in order to carry out multiple sensing at a superior level of accuracy.

The control unit detects and examines by means of a computerized panel the following:

  • The humidity of the product to be treated

  • The temperature of the product to be treated

  • The capacity of the conveyor

  • The quantity of liquid treated

By constantly detecting these values the following parts of equipment are managed: motorized valves, motorized modulating valve, feed pump and accessories.



Types of application:

  • Storage of cereals

  • Mills

  • Feedstuff factories

Technical information:

  • Control unit power supply: 230 Vac – 50Hz – 4A

  • Humidity sensor power supply: 24 Vdc – 500 mA

  • Temperature sensor power supply: 24 Vdc – 300 mA

  • Digital input for interface

  • Analogical input for signals

  • Serial output: COM. serial RS485

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