Manual motorized brush for washing photovoltaic panels
  • Greater production yield of your photovoltaic system
  • Reduction of plant maintenance costs
  • Reduction of risks and cleaning times
  • Practicality and maneuverability to everyone
  • It does not require high pressure water
  • Light and robust at the same time
  • It guarantees excellent washing quality
Motorized brush FLY equipped with a nylon brush scratchproof with wavy bristles in order to retain water,
without causing splashes outside the cleaning area.

Brush with built-in motor roller

Powered by backpack with 2 batteries of 7.2 A/h for a continuous autonomy up to 7 working hours or via 230Vac power supply kit with transformer and extension cable.

No need for high pressure water

Just connect the machine to a simple domestic tap. For an optimal result, however, we recommend using it with pure or demineralized water.

Light and robust at the same time

Made in anodized aluminum. Simple and versatile maneuverability through telescopic rods or guainaflex with built-in power cable and 10 mm tube. for the passage of water.

Why buy a FLY…

  • Because it’s sufficient to insert the rubber to the classic domestic water tap.
  • Because it’s equipped with a roller with electronic protection systems.
  • Because it presents itself without the encumbrance of belts or external gears, therefore free from maintenance in the transmission.
  • Because it’s equipped with adjustable non-marking rubber wheels for maximum care of the system.
  • Because it’s equipped with specific scratch-resistant nylon brushes with wavy bristles to better retain water drops.
  • Because it’s made of anodized aluminum for maximum resistance and lightness.
  • Because it’s clean and elegant, coated with anti-UV PVC material.
  • Because it reduces cleaning times more effectively.
  • Because it’s extremely handy for any operator, even non-professionals.
  • Because it reflects all the safety regulations in force to protect the operator.

FLY-W06 Model

600 mm brush – Ideal for cleaning small pitched or flat surfaces

For small surfaces

The FLY-W06 it’s very manageable and performing being equipped with swivel wheels (can also be used with fixed wheels).

Motorized brush with inversion system covers an area of 600 mm.

The maneuverability of the FLY-W06 turns out to be simple and versatile.

The special design of the corrugated brush holds the water without causing splashes outside the cleaning area.

Technical features
  • Brush size: 600 mm.
  • Average engine consumption: 1.5 A/h 24 Vdc
  • Machine weight: 11 kg
  • H2O pressure required: 2,0-2,5 bar
  • Average H2O consumption: 2,5 l/min
  • Method of use: only with telescopic rod

FLY-W10 Model

1000 mm brush – Ideal solution for cleaning medium and large surfaces

pitched or flat (also applicable on shed via cart TGX)

For medium and large pitched surfaces

The FLY-W10 it’s ideal for cleaninglayers in gravity, through the release and recovery of the machine, with a particular rope (sheath) where, inside, the power cable and the pipe for the passage of water are integrated. With this system you can clean large surfaces with extreme ease and practicality.

Also in this case, the brush reversal to facilitate recovery by the operator.

Technical features
  • Brush size: 1000 mm.
  • Average engine consumption: 2 A/h 24 Vdc
  • Machine weight: 16 kg
  • H2O pressure required: 2,0-2,5 bar
  • Average H2O consumption: 3,5 l/min
  • Method of use: with flex sheath on pitch / with flat rod / with TGX trolley on shed

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